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Making peace popular?

If someone was to come in and threaten you, how would you respond? I ask this is training and so far we have about 16 different ways people would respond. I use this to illustrate that how we respond is … Continue reading

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M. A. P

Mastery. Autonomy. Purpose. These are what motivate us in work, but I also think in life. The brilliant book Drive by Daniel Pink describes the research that led to this discovery, that after a basic level of money these motivate … Continue reading

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An unexamined life – mine

I recently read someone belittling someone else’s beliefs, for fun, and I thought how in the hell can you think that will change anything – do you not know that making someone feel stupid shuts them down to listening to … Continue reading

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Whistle stop update – more tomorrow

The book ‘the gifts of imperfection’ (see previous post) was the perfect thing at the perfect time for me, as was everything else that appeared in my life lately. I’ve alternated between feeling held back and beating myself up for not … Continue reading

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