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Wow, been a while! Lots been going on and just wasn’t feeling creative, but am getting back to it. In the meantime here are some things I’m loving at the moment:

TED Talks is a wonderful website with lots of inspirational talks on, including this wonderful one by Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability:


I’ve sent off for her book so I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Also Anita M is interviewed about her near death experience, the most powerful part is the 2nd half where she talks about what it taught her about life. Here’s an excerpt:

Can you tell me, how does one become unconditionally loving in a world that is not always loving? 

First of all, remember that I feel that the universe is only a reflection of me. So the unconditional love is not extended out to the world (or universe), it is unconditional love that I extend inwardly, towards myself! Each day, I learn to love myself unconditionally.

Also, let me explain that there is a difference between “being loving” and “being love”.

Being loving means giving love to another whether you have any for yourself or not. It means giving what you yourself may or may not even have to give. This type of giving of love can eventually drain you, because we don¹t always have a limitless supply. And then we look to the other to replenish our pool of love, and if it is not forthcoming, we stop being loving ourselves, because we are exhausted.

Being love, on the other hand, means loving myself unconditionally so that it overflows, and anyone and everyone around me just becomes an automatic recipient of my love. The more I love myself, the more it flows out to others. It almost feels like being a vessel for love to flow through. When I am being love, I don¹t need people to behave a certain way in order for them to be a recipient of my love. They are automatically getting my love as a result of me loving myself. So to stop being love, to me, means to stop loving myself. Hence, I will not stop being love on account of another.

Full article at: http://www.nderf.org/anita_m’s_nde.htm

Enjoy, will be back soon…








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