Why ‘Peace no matter what’

I just transferred over my old newsletter subscribers to this blog, and even though copy and pasting so many e-mail addresses wasn’t great fun, what was was going down memory lane and thinking about all of you who I’ve met and worked with. Such wonderful people! How are you all? And also wondering about all those I haven’t met, and curious to know how you found me, lol. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded….

Meanwhile I was pondering on why peace no matter what (goes on around). It’s a phrase I love, that just seems to cover what my passion is. I recently did an exercise where you look back over the big events in your life and what you wanted most at those times, or were searching for, or learnt because of. Every one for me was about moving me closer to peace no matter what, or in the beginning making me realise that it is possible and a skill you can learn. It’s now what I search for, research into and teach.

I know for myself I am a million times more at peace than I used to be, and it is all learnt (or technically unlearning how to be stressed) as I used to not even know what peace felt like. Of course you need to do the work yourself to achieve it but to me that makes much more sense than to chase peace where it isn’t (if only my boss/ spouse/ child/ bank account/ weight etc would change I would be happier. How’s that working for you? lol). FYI – this is the easier way, looking where it’s at, and what is proven to work.

There are some quick and easy things you can learn, and through this blog I will be sharing them as well as the pitfalls and what stops us being what we want…plus all the amazing ripple affects of being at peace. It’s quite magical really…stick with me to find out……..

That’s all for now folks, my shoulder still aches from all that copying and pasting!

PS as I mention on my website, having peace doesn’t mean being happy with what goes on around, they are 2 separate states. Just thought I’d clarify that before people start saying the but what if’s…..I will explain the difference another time….


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